The first venture is about a web enabled value-added service for Well Reservoir Management Practices. We are ‘attacking’ the boring hours of administrative load which does not add much direct value. You might recognize the picture of subsurface professionals who are frustrated, being ‘bugged’ down for weeks or months in  a year, having to produce reports for management and/or governmental inspectorates to comply with legislative requirements a.o.? At the same time  the system will enable the ‘clean up’ of the large amount of data, knowledge and insights relevant for subsurface assets. Only a click away  the professional will be able to link up with experts, the selected chosen professional friends  elsewhere in the world,  who will support them in their reviews, chasing the same hydrocarbons. Last not but least, we believe work should contain some fun, therefor  some gaming techniques will be included!  Networked collaboration and knowledge management with a clear focus on value, i.e. improved production. Interested? Contact us at